Public Transport

An overview of VGN tickets (prices valid since 1.1.2018)

Tickets for the occasional passenger

Single ticket

If you use public transport within Nuremberg-Fürth-Stein only once, it is advisable to choose a single ticket at € 3.10 for adults or at € 1.60 for children, respectively. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time of purchase for one single trip in one direction. It is possible to transfer between two (or more) lines or to interrupt your trip, but, as the single ticket is a one-way ticket, it is not valid for round or return trips. Single tickets are immediately valid when purchased. Therefore date and time are already printed on the ticket.
For short trips - four stations with bus and tram or two stations by undgerground: price level K (1.60 € adults, 0.80 € children from 6 to 14 years).

Children under six years of age travel free of charge. The children’s fare stage is valid for the six to fourteen-year olds. Passengers older than 14 years have to pay the full fare.

TagesTicket Solo (day ticket single)

With this ticket, you have the opportunity to travel individually for a whole day in Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein (price level A) at a rate of € 8.10. If you buy or stamp the ticket on a Saturday, you can use the same ticket to travel on the consecutive Sunday as well. Please note: The TagesTicket Solo is not a 24-hour ticket.

TagesTicket Plus (day ticket)

For a fare of € 12.30 two adults and up to four children to the age of 17 can travel on a whole day or weekend, respectively, in Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein (fare stage “A”). It is ideal for families as well as pet-owners as the family-dog is included in the fare. Please note: The TagesTicket Plus is not a 24-hour ticket.

Ticket strip

If you are an occasional user of public transport, we recommend the strip ticket.


The 4-strip-tickets of fare stage “A” (Nuremberg-Fürth-Stein) at a price of € 11 for adults and € 5.50 for children can be used in Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein. For one single trip you have to stamp one strip per person. Vilidity 90 minutes in fare stage "A".
For short trips - four stations with bus and tram or two stations by undgerground: price level K (5.80 € adults, 2.90 € children from 6 to 14 years) within the fare stage A you have to stamp one strip per person.


To travel once in a while in the outer regions of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Transport System, the 10-strip-ticket is the best alternative. At a cost of € 11.90 for adults and € 5.90 for children it can be used for fare zones 2 to 10. You simply have to stamp as many strips as zones travelled through. The same amount of strips has to be devaluated for each passenger. Please note that the strips should be stamped in ascending order.

To get an overview over the range of tickets provided for trips outside of Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein, please use the following link:


The NÜRNBERG CARD+Fürth is an attractive offer for all those who stay in Nuremberg or Fürth overnight. At a price of € 28, it is valid for two days and allows you to visit all museums and sights in Nuremberg, and travel by underground, tram and bus as often as you like. Children up to 5 years of age who are accompanied by a parent are free of charge, children from 6 up to 11 years pay € 6. The NÜRNBERG CARD+Fürth is available at tourist information offices, in many hotels, at camping sites and the online shop of the Convention and Tourist Office Nuremberg (in German language only).

Hotel Ticket

The Hotel Ticket is valid for any two consecutive days and is available at € 10.10. Ask at your hotel reception for further information.

If you are travelling to Nuremberg by train with a ‘Schönes-Wochenend-Ticket’ (nice-weekend ticket) or a ‘Bayern Ticket’ (Bavaria ticket), you can also use buses and trains within Nuremberg.

City Ticket

This ticket is valid in combination with either ‘BahnCard 25’ or ‘BahnCard 50’ and a long-distance ticket. It allows you to use public transport to reach your destination within Nuremberg, which means that you do not have to purchase another ticket for the city area. Please note: The city option is only available if you possess a ticket with a BahnCard discount. If your ticket includes the City-Ticket-Option is displayed on your ticket. It is specified by the addition of ‘Nuremberg + City’ after the destination on your ticket.

Tickets for everyday use/ on a regular basis


With the MobiCard you can travel as often as you like. It is transferable to other users so that your friends and relatives can also profit from this practical ticket. You can travel from Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. onwards, and at weekends all around the clock, with up to five people, two of whom may be over 18 years of age. In addition to this, the MobiCard gives you the opportunity to take up to two bicycles with you, so you can save the money for the bike ticket. And last but not least, you can take your dog with you free of charge as well. The MobiCard is available in three different options shown below. You can determine the first day of its validity yourself.

  • 31-day MobiCard: valid at any time
  • 31-day MobiCard: valid from 9 a.m. onwards
  • 7-day MobiCard: valid at any time
Subscription tickets

To make use of the many advantages of a subsciption, you can choose between 3 different options:

Annual subscription: it is valid for 12 consecutive months
6-months-subscription: it is valid for 6 consecutive months
3-months-subscription: it is valid for 3 consecutive months

In Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein you can also choose an even cheaper subscription ticket, which is valid from 9 a.m. onwards.

If you are interested in an annual subscription, please fill in an application form and hand it in together with a passport photograph in one of the customer offices. (Please remember to bring your passport or identity card, too.) Your ticket will be sent to you only a few days after registering.

The prices for the MobiCard and the subscriptions you will find here.

(Prices valid since 1.1.2018)