Public Transport

Even more tips to make your journey as pleasant as possible

All single tickets and the TagesTicket Solo, as well as TagesTicket Plus are immediately valid when you purchase them at a ticket machine, as the date and time of purchase are printed on the tickets. For this reason it is not advisable to buy these tickets too far in advance. Please stamp your ticket strip, corresponding to the number of strips required, before you start your journey.
Start with the first strip.
You will find ticket-stamp machines

  • at the landings of staircases or escalators which lead down to the underground as well as at lifts
  • on buses and trams
  • on the platforms of S- and R-trains

Ticket controls are carried out regularly on buses, trams, and the Underground. Passengers without a valid ticket will be liable for a € 40 fine.

Please get on the bus through the front door and show the bus driver your ticket. The bus driver will gladly let you get off between two bus stops in the evenings provided that the traffic permits this. Just tell him in advance where you would like to get off, at best at the stop prior to your destination. Please bear in mind however, that due to timetable restrictions, the bus driver is unable to make too many unscheduled stops.

If you wish, our drivers will be happy to call a taxi to the stop where you would like to alight. Please tell the driver your destination and your name as soon as you get on the bus; he will then pass your request on to the taxi centre in order that the taxi will be waiting for you at your arrival. This service is free of charge, you will only have to pay the taxi fare.

You can get further information on the internet at oder You can also call us, 24 hours, on +49 (911) 283 4646.