Public Transport

How is the transport system structured?

The transport system in Nuremberg, Fürth and the surrounding area is divided into fare zones and further subdivided into partial zones of fare stages. By counting the zones and partial zones you are planning to travel through on a zone map, you will find out the price of your ticket. The number of zones corresponds with the fare stage. For example: if you are travelling from Nuremberg central station by R9 train to Allersberg, you are travelling through 5 zones and one partial zone (“T”). As a result the correct fare for your trip would be: “5+T”.

For trips within Nuremberg, Fürth, and Stein, applies fare stage “A”.

If you are travelling within a distance of not more than two fare-stage points from your origin, the purchase of a short-distance ticket (fare stage “K”) is sufficient while travelling within Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein. For better orientation every station is equipped with an individualized list of destinations for which fare stage “K” tickets are valid.

When you are travelling outside of Nuremberg, Fürth or Stein, the short-distance fare stage “K” applies within the limits of one full zone or between two partial zones.

Zone maps are displayed in the showcase next to each ticket machine. Further more you can pick up such a map from the customer offices of the VAG for free or you can purchase the latest timetable booklet to which these maps are attached to in the customer offices at Nuremberg or Fürth central station.